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Our new Diamond Secure Tieblock System is a String Tie 3rd generation design, born from the the original BridgeBoneBeads introduced in 2007. Many improvements provide a safe alternative to traditional string tying on classical guitars.

Guitar Case Therapy Pack

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Rosette Case Therapy 010.jpg
Rosette Case Therapy 008.jpg
Rosette Case Therapy 005.jpg

Guitar Case Therapy Pack

  • Natural mixture of organics related to wooden instruments
  • Cotton inner bag-Quality Jute outer bag
  • Very light essence from Natural Cedar Hearts, Balsam Fir Needles, Cinnamon Sticks, Rose Hips, Sandalwood & Cedar Shavings
  • Measures 3" x 5" Made in USA
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The Rosette Case Therapy-Pak adds a little de-light to your instrument case. Taking a little from the Luthier’s shop and the outside woods. Based on Aromatherapy, it puts you in a good place every time you open your case!
Rosette Guitar

Guitar Case Therapy-Pak


Cinnamon Sticks-  Cinnamomum cassia, Rose Hips Whole- Rosa canina, Cedarwood Shavings- Juniperus virginiana, Balsam Fir Needles- Abies balsamea, Cedar Roses Natural- Cedrus Atlantica, Woodland Blend-  Sandalwood/Patchouli.

Balsam Fir Needles produced on machinery that packages tree nuts, soy & dairy products.

Even though you could eat the ingredients, we recommend that you refrain from doing so.

To rejuvenate natural scent, roll the Therapy-Pak between your hands.

Manufactured by Rosette Guitar Products- Made In USA