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Our new Diamond Secure Tieblock System is a String Tie 3rd generation design, born from the the original BridgeBoneBeads introduced in 2007. Many improvements provide a safe alternative to traditional string tying on classical guitars.

TremoloMute Tremolo & Arpeggio Practice Tool

TremoloMute Bridge Dampening System allows player to hear how nails and fingertips strike the strings.

Reduces string movement and creates more resistance to help develop a smoother approach.

A Great training tool to learn how to play with less effort and tension.

  • Installs In Seconds
  • Safe For Any Guitar Finish
  • Great For Any Level Player
  • Instructions And Study Guide Included

Tremolo Mute decreases string movement, adding a sensation of increased resistance. Use TemoloMute twice through your exercise / music piece, then remove it and play again. The contrast is invigorating and you will improve your accuracy and tone. You actually learn to use less effort to produce a smoother tremolo..

Use the TremoloMute as part of your study regimen and you will notice considerable improvement in your progress.

TremoloMute slides quickly under your guitar strings and rests right in front of the bridge. The multi-layered material is safe for any guitar finish. The closed cell top strip adjusts to your string height. It has a hollow core that allows just the right amount of contact against the strings.

This is a simple but incredible practice tool, and it should be in every classical guitar case! Instructions and study guide included. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

Instruction Sheet

TremoloMute Classical Guitar String Mute Practice Tool
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