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Our new Diamond Secure Tieblock System is a String Tie 3rd generation design, born from the the original BridgeBoneBeads introduced in 2007. Many improvements provide a safe alternative to traditional string tying on classical guitars.

Diamond BridgeBeads String Ties

3 D beads 005.JPG
3 D beads 007.JPG
3 D Bead White 003.JPG
3 D beads 005.JPG
3 D beads 007.JPG
3 D Bead White 003.JPG

Diamond BridgeBeads String Ties


Outstanding Features Include:

  • CAD 3D Designed For Complete Accuracy In Size & Shape
  • Laser Sintered Nylon, 3D Printed Manufacturing Process
  • All Edges Rounded for Best Performance Without String Breakage
  • Lightweight > Less than 1 Gram per Bead!
  • Original 3 Hole System Mocks 18 Hole guitar Bridge
  • Fast String Changes. Safely Tie Your Strings Away from the Guitar!
  • Kit includes 7 Diamond BridgeBeads, Full Instructions.
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Rosette Diamond BridgeBeads offer a fast, safe and easy way to tie strings on a nylon string classical guitar. The Diamond system eliminates string wear on bridge inlays on top of the guitar saddle, and provides uniform string angle at the bridge. Conventional string tying pulls up the string behind the bridge, reducing the desired string angle. In some cases, improving the string angle at the bridge can improve guitar response.

Rosette Diamond string ties allow you to tie your strings in your hand. By attaching the string to the 3 hole bead, you eliminate the cumbersome task of tying strings to the bridge block. You simply thread the string through the back of the bridge and attach it to the roller.

The kit includes 1 extra bead (in case your cat gets a hold of one), for a total of 7 ea. per kit.
Complete instructions included.
Satisfaction guaranteed with full refund available if you are not satisfied with performance.