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Our new Diamond Secure Tieblock System is a String Tie 3rd generation design, born from the the original BridgeBoneBeads introduced in 2007. Many improvements provide a safe alternative to traditional string tying on classical guitars.

Zero Glide Nut System For Classical Guitar


Zero Glide Nut System For Classical Guitar


Zero Glide Zero Fret System For Classical Guitar

  • Special 52 mm nut length
  • Preferred Classical 42.5 String Spacing provided by slotted nut
  • Available with 5 mm or 6 mm widths
  • 6mm Blank nut available for custom string spacing
  • Kit includes instructions, Special Bone Saddle, 4 different frets, 3M Professional 150 sandpaper and two 3M finishing papers
  • Improves tuning, open string tone and playability
Zero Glide Nut Thickness:
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